Inscape Passes 10 Million Opt-In TVs, Establishes Most Representative National Coverage of TV Viewing

Rapid Adoption of Glass-Level TV Data Reveals Anecdotes of Industry Undergoing Massive Transformation

Inscape, the leading provider of automatic content recognition (ACR) TV data today announced that it has eclipsed 10 million connected devices, marking the largest single source of opt-in smart TV viewing data ever available in the U.S.

With the massive transformation of the TV industry, Inscape’s near real-time, glass-level data offered by Inscape has generated rapid adoption from dozens of companies in 2018, including major networks, the big agencies, and leading measurement and ad tech platforms.  

Customers are using the deterministic data and IP-level granularity as key ingredients in the next generation platforms for planning, buying, measurement, and advanced advertising.

“Glass-level data is fast becoming the backbone of TV attribution models and the key ingredient for cross-platform planning tools,” said Jodie McAfee, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Inscape. “Business outcome-based measurement and planning is reshaping TV. We are partnering with some of the most forward-thinking businesses to help marketers navigate media fragmentation and optimize effectiveness against their digital target audiences on TV.”


Inscape’s Traction Can be Seen Across the TV Spectrum:

Attribution, which measures TV advertising at scale, uses Inscape’s TV panel to provide deterministic attribution and attention measurement for hundreds of major brands across all categories.

Location providers such as Placed and Foursquare are marrying location technologies to TV device data to help brands and agencies identify foot traffic against advertising impressions.

Transforming the TV sale

Inscape is also a key ingredient in the recent deal between NBCUniversal and iSpot to sell advertising based on business outcomes.

Likewise, Data Plus Math, which is working with networks such as A&E to sell ad inventory, not on traditional reach alone but using attribution models that utilize Inscape. "It has been exciting to help A+E Networks push beyond just reporting on these lift metrics to now providing actual outcome-based guarantees to marketers. As close partners, we're thrilled to be working with A+E Networks to propel the TV advertising industry forward,” John Hoctor, CEO of Data Plus Math commented.

Cross-Platform Planning and Sales

Audiences today, increasingly consume content not just on linear TV, but on mobile devices, PCs, connected TV devices and smart TVs. To better understand this market shift, agencies, tech platforms and media companies are using glass-level viewing data and measurement to identify what programs and ads are being watched in near real-time, regardless of input device.

Omnicom Media Group in partnership with VideoAmp is utilizing glass-level TV data to provide a next generation planning and buying platform for hundreds of advertisers, affording them the opportunity to evaluate ad performance and adjust campaigns in near real time.

"Smart TV data is a new fuel for powering the advertising engines of tomorrow,” said Omnicom Media Group’s chief research officer, Jonathan Steuer. “Knowing what actually showed up on the screen and other dimensions of audience viewing in near real-time helps bring the speed and accuracy and actionability that this fast-changing TV marketplace demands.”

4C, a leading cross-platform planning and buying tool is utilizing Inscape against social data to provide hundreds of advertisers actionable metrics. “Marketers want to deliver personalized experiences to audiences that matter, something that can only be done with the right data to inform planning, activation, analysis and optimization,” said Anupam Gupta, CPO, 4C. “4C’s partnership with Inscape fuels an unparalleled and frictionless audience-based approach through the combination of Inscape’s second-by-second TV viewing data from millions of Smart TVs and 4C’s industry-leading TV, social, and premium video tools together in an integrated platform.”

TV Measurement and Audience Behaviors

As non-set top box viewing becomes more and more common, the industry has begun looking at alternative measurement sources. ACR data is becoming more valuable than set-top box data alone because it measures whatever is on the TV screen, regardless of source. This data helps everyone in the TV ecosystem unlock additional revenue, make decisions with greater certainty and move at the speed of the digital age.   

A recent Experian white paper compared Inscape’s data with 200 key attributes contained in Experian’s data sets and concluded that the Inscape dataset has a statistically significant number of TVs for measurement down to one percent accuracy in all DMAs. 

comScore is working with Inscape to help its clients better measure the impact of their advertising campaigns across platforms. “Media fragmentation continues to be a challenge for marketers who are seeking ways to optimize their media investment against the activities and channels that drive the most business impact,” said Cathy Hetzel, executive vice president, commercial, at comScore. “Given the growth of smart TV viewership, we understand the importance of this partnership in our aim to deliver clients the sophisticated measurement solutions they need to grow their businesses.”

Additional Commentary

“This is a very strategic integration that brings the speed, scale and transparency of Inscape’s smart TV viewing data to LiveRamp’s ecosystem platform partners, agencies and brands who leverage LiveRamp for identity resolution,” said LiveRamp general manager Allison Metcalfe to Rapid TV News. “By tying viewership to LiveRamp’s IdentityLink ID, LiveRamp is making it possible for marketers to take a data-driven approach to better plan, target and measure their omnichannel marketing efforts.”

“From targeted, index-based advertising to programmatic insertion or true cross-screen measurement and attribution, the need for clean, reliable, household-level TV viewership data has never been higher,” Ross McCray, co-founder and CEO of VideoAmp, said in a statement to Variety

“To really be able to help our clients’ plans between channels. we need the full scope in what we’re calling the ‘premium TV landscape,’” John Povey, SVP of marketing and analytics at A4, told AdExchanger. “That’s where folks like Inscape can really come in and help us be able to optimize where the most [viewing] time is being spent. That will ultimately [inform] how we stitch our campaign results back together.”

"Our collaboration with Inscape adds critical viewing data to inform our customers’ marketing efforts, including how to best reach targets in today's fragmented TV landscape,” said Rex Briggs, founder and CEO of Marketing Evolution. “With the right-time delivery of second-by-second viewership details, this powerful dataset helps our customers gain a significant competitive advantage to optimize marketing campaigns and drive higher ROI."

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