WarnerMedia, Inscape Execs Talk Project OAR and Data-Driven Innovations

Jodie McAfee, senior VP of sales and marketing at Inscape and Jesse Redniss, executive VP of data strategy, WarnerMedia and general manager of WarnerMedia Innovation Lab, spoke to Variety‘s Todd Spangler at the Variety Studio at Cannes presented by Inscape & iSpot.tv about how a traditional media company can adapt to rapidly advancing technology.

Jesse Redniss and Inscape SVP Jodie discussing working together on Project OAR, and a case study where they used Inscape data to analyze the correlation between the CNN mobile app and live TV viewing. Together, they're helping the industry evolve toward measuring business outcomes and delivering actual KPIs.

“Jesse needs fuel for his plane and we provide that fuel,” McAfee said, referring to the TV viewing data that Inscape generates for media companies such as WarnerMedia.

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