Throtle Selected as Validated Match Partner by Inscape

Empowering Marketers to Better Target and Measure Campaigns Across Connected TV

July 15, 2020: Throtle, a leader in identity resolution and data onboarding, announced they were approved and selected as a Validated Match Partner by Inscape, the leading provider of automated content recognition (ACR) data with glass-level insights from more than 15 million opted-in smart TVs. Throtle is among a small number of partners who have been validated through Inscape’s rigorous validation process.

This partnership allows brands and agencies to activate against Inscape viewing data via Throtle for digital marketing and analytic needs. By utilizing Throtle as a Validated Match Partner, brands benefit from pairing Inscape’s first-in-class TV viewing data with Throtle’s first-in-class deterministic ID graph.

As connected TV (CTV) growth accelerates and becomes an integral avenue for brands and marketers to connect with consumers, validated linkage is key to achieving successful consistent brand experience across CTVs. Throtle brings the advantages of identity resolution to TV advertising, connecting with individuals wherever they are watching. By linking CTV identifiers to the Throtle Identity Graph, brands and agencies can deterministically reach individuals and households via cross-screen campaign targeting.

“We’re proud to work with an innovative company like Inscape and activate our identity data to help advertisers accurately reach audiences across connected TVs,” says Paul Chachko, CEO at Throtle. “This partnership creates an unprecedented opportunity for advertisers to realize better targeting and results at scale across CTV.”

“As advertising across platforms continue to advance, having a strong identity link between television viewing data and first and third-party data sets is essential for targeting and measurement,” said Charbel Makhoul, Vice President of Product Management at Inscape. “The partnership with Throtle is important in helping brands and agencies reach audiences with more scale and control. We are excited to welcome Throtle to the list of Validated Match Partners which include Experian, LiveRamp, 4info and Adobe.”

About Throtle
Throtle provides brands and marketers with the most accurate 1:1 view of a customer. Throtle is focused on resolving to a deterministic individual for accurate targeting across all devices and channels including IDs, MAIDs, IP Address, Connected TV and more.