Inscape Introduces Skill for Amazon Alexa to Enable Real-Time TV Insights

Today, Inscape announced the launch of its real-time TV insights skill for Amazon Alexa, allowing user of Alexa-enabled devices to find the top TV shows at any given moment. This skill brings real-time insights to the forefront and highlights the speed and granularity of Inscape's glass-level data from more than 8 million smart TVs. 

After a user enables the Inscape Alexa Skill.

Ask Alexa Questions:      

“Alexa, open Inscape."
“Alexa, ask Inscape, What are the top {1-10} TV Shows right now?"
“Alexa, ask Inscape, What are the top TV Shows in the {Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific or Nationally} time zone?”

Inscape will roll out additional Alexa commands routinely.

Check back soon!