Viewership Deep Dive: A Season-Long Look at ‘The Conners’

Last fall we took a brief look at The ConnersABC’s Roseanne successor. Since the high-profile sitcom just wrapped up its first season on Jan. 22, we decided to revisit the viewership and advertising trends with insights from Inscape, iSpot and Canvs.

Viewership data from Inscape, the TV data company with glass-level insights from a panel of more than 10 million smart TVs and devices, shows that while 31% of the households that watched the ill-fated Roseanne reboot last year tuned into The Conners this season, 47% of Conners viewers had watched Roseanne. (A note about methodology: You have to do more than just flip past a station with your remote to count as a “crossover viewer” within Inscape’s data sets. For the graph below, the minimum viewing threshold is 10 minutes.)


As you might expect, these viewers were also likely to watch other sitcoms including The GoldbergsAmerican Housewifeblackish and Modern Family.


Here are heatmaps of household viewership for the two shows across U.S. DMAs (the darker the color, the more households were tuning in).