Viewership Deep Dive: Fall Dramas Are Back — Here’s How They’re Measuring Up

With fall TV in full swing, we looked into viewership and advertising trends around five popular broadcast dramas: NCIS on CBS, The Good Doctor on ABC, This Is Us on NBC, Empire on Fox and Grey’s Anatomy on ABC.

Viewership data from Inscape, the TV measurement company with glass-level data from a panel of more than 9 million smart TVs and devices, shows varied crossover among these series. Some specific insights:

---Empire watchers are most likely to also watch This Is Us (26%) and Grey’s Anatomy (25%).

---Fans of Grey’s Anatomy tune in to This Is Us far more than the other shows (36%).

---25% of people who watch NCIS also tune into This Is Us, while 24% watch Grey’s Anatomy.

---The Good Doctor viewers have the most crossover with the other shows, with 39% watching Grey’s Anatomy and 39% watching This Is Us.

---Fans of This Is Us tune into Grey’s Anatomy more than the other shows (32%).

Inscape Falldramas