Inscape's TV audience viewing data is leveraged by brands, agencies, networks, measurement companies, DMPs and marketing technology platforms to power massive transformations in the industry.


Analyze, target
and measure.

Optimize your time, money and effort. Combining unparalleled scale with more reliable, accurate viewing data from millions of TVs produces granular data for greater precision and unprecedented ad measurement.

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Superior analytics.

Plan and create campaigns with confidence. With granular audience viewing data at your disposal, you can develop better ad campaigns that reach your audience.

Strategic targeting.

Let the data decide. Sales teams can use Inscape’s powerful data for more accurate campaign targeting, yield optimization and better anticipate performance.

Cross-platform opportunities.

Do more with multiple touch-points. Inscape’s first-party glass-level viewing metrics can be combined with mobile and online behavior data to unlock cross-platform advertising opportunities.

Immediate measurement.

Same day data delivery can be used as a catalyst to fuel growth of programmatic advertising and provide insights into ad spending from campaign effectiveness.



Grow, attract and
influence audiences.

Inscape tips the scales in your favor - through deeper insights detected on any source from a superior pool of viewing data delivered faster. Boost inventory value with an engaging content strategy and more relevant tune-in campaigns to target viewers watching similar shows or other shows in your time slot.

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  • Maximize revenue.

    Grow every dollar. Know the true value of your linear TV inventory and optimize your return from leveraging audience-based pricing.

  • Quantify ad value.

    Know what’s working. Get a handle on your linear TV investments and estimate audience-specific campaign reach and frequency by measuring the impact on campaign KPIs.

  • Plan sales.

    Make more informed decisions. Allocate TV inventory according to where advertiser target audiences are most concentrated and have the greatest opportunity for success.

  • Leverage digital.

    Increase contact points. Use campaign frequency, sequential messaging and reach incremental audiences online by targeting viewers based on exposure to specific TV or ad content.

  • Measure success.

    Determine your digital influence. Know the value of your cross-platform investment through audience-specific metrics tracking behavior across multiple devices.


Integrate, implement and unlock opportunities.

Avoid complicated integrations. Inscape’s Automatic Content Recognition technology is more advanced and easy to implement with its light CPU output. This allows for inexpensive, seamless integrations for OEMs of all sizes, enabling it to function at scale.

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  • Works with any Smart TV.

    Integrate with ease. Our ACR technology is device agnostic allowing it to help any Smart TV manufacturer.

  • Start new revenue.

    Create more profit streams. Unlock data-driven advertising and programming opportunities with insights from the glass.

  • Consumer safe.

    Trust your data. Inscape’s data practices meet the standards set by the FTC for the collection and use of Smart TV data.