Alabama at Tennessee Tops College Football Week 7 Games

New York, October 15 — Inscape analyzed viewership data and found some college football stats that fans might be surprised to hear.

Tune in data was driven to an impressive 39% for TVs watching college football this week, as a result of such a highly anticipated game. This Alabama vs. Tennessee game alone, accounted for 23.8% of all college football viewing. Ranking the second most viewed of the season, narrowly trailing behind the Alabama vs. Texas game back on September 10th.

Inscape’s Viewer Ranking Report shows the top 5 games included Penn State vs. Michigan, Clemson vs. FSU, Auburn vs. Mississippi, and Wisconsin vs. Michigan State. Among the Top 25 games, the BigTen and SEC tied with one of their teams in 6 games each, while the other conferences each had 5.

This weekly viewer ranking showcases the power, and near immediate availability, of Inscape data. This is an example use case measuring engagement with content, viewer value, and interest in specific games of college sports. For example, did the networks win their timeslots? How are conferences performing? This data is also helpful to bowl committees and teams looking to negotiate bowl slots. 

Viewers - Percentage of all college football viewers in this period tuned in to matchup

Vieiwng - Percentage of all college football viewing time in this period spent on matchup

Number of games in each conference