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Unparalleled audience data from next-level ACR technology.

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Inscape is an industry leader in Automatic Content Recognition technology.

We access millions of TVs across a wider range of content sources and deliver data the same day. By generating more comprehensive TV viewing data, our partners can gain a deeper and more accurate understanding of their audience.


Millions of connected TVs.

Our data expands across millions of smart TVs and represents the largest single source of opt-in smart TV viewing data available to license in the U.S. market today. We continue to grow in the U.S. and globally on a daily basis.


Faster detection and delivery.

Inscape gathers billions of data points in near real-time. Partners get access to data on an hourly basis. Not weeks or months.


More content from our devices.

Because we detect from the glass, we provide data from every port that is plugged in. Viewing data is received across all connected devices - cable boxes, set top boxes, DVRs, OTT devices, gaming consoles, over air broadcast, native TV and more.

Deep audience understanding.

Experience a more granular
and comprehensive understanding of audience
viewing and engagement across both content
and advertising. Combining our data with
other data feeds creates a powerful tool to
find any audience.

Solutions that scale for all.

Inscape is the only provider of ACR-generated smart TV viewing data that is licensing at scale.

  • Advertisers.

    Get a deeper understanding of content trends to know where and how audiences view programming. Anticipate changes in the market and feel empowered with actionable insights.

  • Broadcasters.

    Know what programming to play and when to run more relevant ad campaigns. Target viewers who watch similar shows and shape your programming to precise audiences.

  • OEMs.

    Our ACR technology is device agnostic. By partnering with Inscape, any Smart TV manufacturer can unlock additional device value and create entirely new revenue models.

Inscape operates under an “opt-in” privacy regime and is an industry leader in privacy-compliant collection and use of Smart TV data.

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Our data captures the complete story minute by minute.

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    Fox News Channel

    FOX & Friends First

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    Turner Network TV

    NCIS: New Orleans

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    NBA Basketball

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    Food Network

    Kitchen Makeover


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